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matter what product or service you provide, Go Buy Post is able to print and distribute leaflets or flyers for any business – large or small, any organisation, body or individual wishing to communicate via direct mail.

Our cost effective distribution service enables our customers to communicate in a time and cost effective way with their audience; ensuring information is delivered appropriately and well received, in comparison to that which is door-dropped and usually generic in terms of its appearance

to individuals. Working with Royal Mail guarantees delivery, which is often more than can be said for alternative methods of distribution.

Our clients report increased response levels having engaged our unique service, attributing this increase to the fact that information is inserted into individually stamped, addressed envelopes which are delivered via Royal Mail, landing on the doormat in amongst normal household post.

Nathan Mead of BM Tankering, Ipswich reported success having engaged the services of Go Buy Post, “Having been unsuccessful in the past using traditional door-drop methods of delivery, we decided to employ the services of Go Buy Post, believing one of the reasons our information wasn’t being well received to be its association with junk mail. We distributed several thousand flyers to a targeted audience, informing them of our range or services – the response rate was great. We gained more than 500 new customers through this one distribution.”

For details of how Go Buy Post can help you to reach your current or potential customers give us a call on the number at the top of this page.

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