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Our leaflet and flyer delivery service allows companies to distribute information in a cost effective precise way, delivered by Royal Mail so arriving amongst normal post, reducing the risk of it being associated with junk mail. We’re also able to print your leaflet or flyer, place into individually stamped, addressed envelopes, so we save you time and money otherwise spent on managing these components of the

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process separately.

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How we can do it

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Businesses in the Norwich area are able to benefit from our unique leaflet distribution service because we possess on-site equipment and staff with the ability to manage this single process. Therefore we‘re able to offer a complete direct mail service, including delivery at a much reduced cost in comparison to processing each of these components individually.

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What our customers say about our flyer delivery service


Offering our flyer delivery service to companies, organisations or individuals in the Norwich area, Go Buy Post is one of the first companies of its kind to offer this complete service, including delivery via Royal Mail. Our clients report huge success in comparison to unreliable methods of leaflet distribution attributing it in part to the fact that information is received in personalised envelopes and delivered amongst normal post.

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Serving Norwich and surrounding areas

We offer our services across Norwich and the local region, so if you are based locally and are looking for a highly effective direct mail delivery service, contact us today.

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