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If you want to communicate information about your products and/or services to a generic or specific, targeted audience, one of the best ways to do this is by direct mail. However, there are several disadvantages to leaflet dropping; not only can your information appear impersonal and so perceived to be generic, junk mail, arranging and paying for the organisation and distribution of large quantities of information can be problematic, and expensive.

Go Buy Post have the solution and we remove all the worry and frustration, providing you with a guaranteed delivery service.

Providing you need to distribute 1,000 or more, we can print your leaflet or flyer, place each one into an individually stamped, addressed envelope, and distribute via Royal Mail. Your information is delivered in amongst normal, everyday post; it will land directly on the doormat in an individually stamped and addressed envelope with other post, giving the impression of a personal letter – personalised, intentional communication with your intended recipients. Ultimately this means there is considerably less chance of your information being mistaken as junk mail and every chance that it will be

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opened and read.

And the best part – we can do all of this, in one process, for less than the price of a second class stamp per leaflet.

We also provide a bespoke leaflet or flyer design service which is available upon request. Please get in touch via the ‘contact us’ page on our website or by calling us on 01473 390 633.

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