What we can do

Leaflet distribution

Leaflet Distribution

Go Buy Post enables guaranteed distribution of leaflets or flyers to either generic or targeted audiences. What makes our leaflet distribution services different? We can print leaflets or flyers, place into individual envelopes, stamp, address and distribute via Royal Mail, ensuring your direct mail is delivered onto the doormat with other post, so not perceived to be junk mail.

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How we can do it

Direct mail delivery services

Distribution Services

Using the latest technology and equipment, Go Buy Post is able to save businesses, organisations or individuals time and money by printing, stuffing, stamping and addressing individual envelopes in one process, which are then delivered via Royal Mail.

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Who we’ve done it for

What our customers say about our flyer delivery service


With the ability to distribute to either a generic or targeted audience, Go Buy Post appeals to businesses large and small, individuals or other organisations. Our clients report increased response rates which they attribute to direct mail being delivered in a personalised stamped, addressed envelope. Our flyer delivery services are used by a wide variety of businesses and individuals who are looking for a cost-effective way to deliver marketing material, and offer

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